Publications edited while freelance

Professional titles


Farming Meat Goats (CSIRO Publishing)


Computer Accounting using MYOB Business Management Software (Pearson Education Australia)

Introduction to Operating Systems (project management as well as editing) (Pearson Education Australia)

MYOB User’s Guide (Pearson Education Australia)


Educating Children with Special Needs (Prentice Hall)


Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete (Cambridge University Press)

Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design (CSIRO)


Geologically Storing Carbon (CSIRO)

Incident Management in Australasia (CSIRO)

Lake Eyre Basin Rivers (CSIRO)

Managing Australia’s Pest Animals (CSIRO)

Natural Hazards in Australasia (Cambridge University Press)

Reshaping Environments (Cambridge University Press)

Securing Australia’s Future (CSIRO)

Winged Sentinels: Birds and Climate Change (Cambridge University Press)


Fundamentals of Finance (Pearson Education)

Interest Rate Markets and Risk Management (Securities Institute Education)

Managing and Marketing Financial Services (Securities Institute Education)

Managing Funds, Markets and Products (Securities Institute Education)

Understanding the Finance and Investment Industry (Securities Institute Education)

Law (see ‘Tertiary titles’ for more law books)

Australian Cartel Regulation (Cambridge University Press)

Australian Commercial Law (Cambridge University Press)

Australian Family Law (Oxford University Press)

Criminalisation and Criminal Responsibility in Australia (Oxford University Press)

Essentials of Law for Health Professionals (Elsevier Australia)

Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia (Oxford University Press)

Human Rights under the Australian Constitution (Oxford University Press, winner of the Tertiary (Wholly Australian): Scholarly Resource category at the Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2014)

Modern Criminal Law (Cambridge University Press)

Law of Work (Oxford University Press)

Principles of Administrative Law (Oxford University Press)

Queensland Criminal Law (Oxford University Press)

Sports Law (Oxford University Press)

Uniform Evidence (Oxford University Press)


You Lead, They’ll Follow (McGraw-Hill)


Abnormal Laboratory Results (McGraw-Hill)

Anaesthesia and Emergency Situations (McGraw-Hill)

‘At Your Fingertips’ series (Asthma, Parkinson’s, Heart Health, High Blood Pressure) (McGraw-Hill)

Atlas of Nuclear Imaging in Sports Medicine (McGraw-Hill)

Atlas of Radiology for Sports Injuries (McGraw-Hill)

Children’s Hospital at Westmead Handbook (McGraw-Hill)

Clinical Cases in Emergency Medicine (McGraw-Hill)

Clinical Gastroenterology (Elsevier Australia)

Clinical Naturopathy: an Evidence-based Guide to Practice (Elsevier Australia)

Clinical Sports Nutrition ((McGraw-Hill)

Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care (Cambridge University Press)

Coronary Care Manual (Elsevier Australia)

Drug Use in Australian Society (Oxford University Press)

Good Medical Practice (Cambridge University Press)

Health in Australia (Prentice Hall)

Internal Medicine on Call (McGraw-Hill)

Management of the Australian Healthcare Industry (Pearson Education Australia)

McGraw-Hill Pocket Guide to Chest X-rays (McGraw-Hill)

Mental Health Promotion and Young People (McGraw-Hill)

Murtagh’s General Practice (4th edn, McGraw-Hill)

Murtagh’s General Practice Companion Handbook (McGraw-Hill)

Nursing Theory in Australia (Pearson Education)

Patient Education (McGraw-Hill)

Pocket Guide to Lung Function Tests (McGraw-Hill)

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Books 2, 3, 4 (McGraw-Hill)

Planning Occupational Health and Safety, 4th edition (researched and wrote new sections) (CCH Australia)

Pocket Guide to ECGs (McGraw-Hill)

Pocket Guide to Spirometry (McGraw-Hill)

Practice Tips (McGraw-Hill)

Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives (Cambridge University Press)

Understanding Menopause (McGraw-Hill)

Westmead Pocket Anaesthesia Manual (McGraw-Hill)

For Excerpta Medica publishers—edited newsletters, scientific papers, articles and conference proceedings on pharmaceutical and medical topics for medical professionals

Natural history (see ‘General titles’ below for more natural history)

Camera Trapping: Wildlife Management and Research (CSIRO)

Carnivores of Australia (CSIRO)

Guide to the Stag Beetles of Australia (CSIRO)

Neurobiology of Monotremes (CSIRO)

Rainforest Fruits of Australia (CSIRO)

General titles


Complete Australian Guide to Buying and Upgrading PCs (Prentice Hall)

Digital Edge (Prentice Hall)

Little Australian Internet Book (Prentice Hall)


Blue Mountains on Foot (New Holland Publishers)

Djabugay Country (Allen & Unwin)

Edge of the Trees—Exhibition Catalogue (Museum of Sydney)

Local Heroes (Prentice Hall)

Right School for Your Child (New Hobson’s Press)

Ringing the Bell Backwards (Lennox Head Heritage Association)

Sydney—Metropolis, Suburb, Harbour Exhibition Catalogue (Museum of Sydney)

Who’s Afraid of the GST? (Prentice Hall)

You can be Happy (Prentice Hall)

You, Your Stockbroker and Your Stocks (McGraw-Hill)

Your GST Questions Answered (Pearson Education Australia)

Natural history

Australian Bats (New Holland Publishers)

Australian Rainforest Fruits (CSIRO)

Australian Lizards: A Natural History (CSIRO)

Best of Australian Birds (New Holland Publishers)

Birds of the Darwin Region (CSIRO)

Cephalopods (CSIRO)

Common Weeds of Subtropical Rainforests of Eastern Australia (Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group)

Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia (2nd edn) (CSIRO)

Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia (CSIRO)

Complete Guide to the Butterflies of Australia (CSIRO)

Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland (CSIRO)

Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (CSIRO)

Field Guide to Tasmania Birds (New Holland Publishers)

Fur Seals and Sea Lions in Australia (CSIRO)

Goannas of Australia (New Holland Publishers)

Living Waters (CSIRO)

Pests, Diseases and Beneficials (CSIRO)

Plants of Central Queensland (CSIRO)

Subtropical Rainforest Restoration Manual (Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group)

Weeds of Northern NSW Rainforest (Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group)

Tertiary titles


Feeding Commercial Poultry (Poultry CRC, University of New England)

Soil Science (NSW Agriculture)

Sustainable Poultry Production (Poultry CRC, University of New England)


Environmental Biology (Cambridge University Press)

Reshaping Environments (Cambridge University Press)


Budgeting: a Practical Approach (Pearson Education)

Government, Business and Society (Prentice Hall)

New Federal Workplace Relations System (Pearson Education Australia)

Politics for Business Students (Pearson Education Australia)

Training in Australia (Pearson Education Australia)


Computer Fundamentals (TAFESA/Pearson Education Australia)

Computer Information Systems (Pearson Education)

Introduction to Operating Systems and Batch File Basics (Pearson Education Australia)

Management of Integrated Logistics (Prentice Hall)

Practical Systems Development (Pearson Education Australia)


Economics Down Under (John Wiley and Sons)

Macroeconomics Study Guide (John Wiley and Sons)


Accepting the Literacy Challenge (Scholastic Australia)

Preparing for the QST Test (McGraw-Hill)

QST Test Companion (McGraw-Hill)


Administrative Law Guidebook (2nd edn) (Oxford University Press)

Business Organisations Law Guidebook (Oxford University Press)

Cases and Materials for Principles of Administrative Law (Oxford University Press)

Connecting with the Law (Oxford University Press)

Corporate Law (2nd edn, 3rd edn) (Oxford University Press)

Corporations Law Guidebook (2nd edn) (Oxford University Press)

Criminal Law Guidebook (Oxford University Press)

Criminal Responsibility (Oxford University Press)

Equity and Trust website material (Cambridge University Press)

Ethics and Legal Professionalism (Oxford University Press)

Evidence (Oxford University Press)

Jurisprudence (3rd edn) (Cambridge University Press)

Law and Business (Oxford University Press)

Statutory Interpretation (Oxford University Press)

The Family in Law (Cambridge University Press)

Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook (Oxford University Press)

Nine months’ casual work in-house at Southern Cross University Flexible Learning and Delivery Service, editing Law School student materials


Developing Management Skills in Australia (Pearson Education Australia)

Equal Employment Opportunity—A Guide for the Workplace (Prentice Hall)

Human Resource Development (John Wiley and Sons)

Human Resource Management (Prentice Hall)

Management and Organisational Behaviour (John Wiley and Sons)

Organisational Behaviour (John Wiley and Sons)

Working with Human Service Organisations (Oxford University Press)


Consumer Behaviour (McGraw-Hill)

Do It Yourself Marketing (Prentice Hall)

International Marketing (Pearson Education)

Questionnaire Design and Administration (John Wiley and Sons)

Services Marketing (Prentice Hall)

When Customers Think We Don’t Care (McGraw-Hill)


Mathematics for Technicians (McGraw-Hill)


Drug Use in Australian Society (Oxford University Press)

Evidence-based Health Practice (Oxford University Press)

Guide to Clinical Skills for Health Students (Oxford University Press)

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care (Oxford University Press)

Psychopharmacology (Oxford University Press)

OTEN technical manuals

Basic Transducers

Desktop Publishing Applications

Electronic Systems and Signals

Gas Turbine Engine Systems

Gas Turbine Principles and Maintenance

Industrial Computer Systems

Legionella Control

National Aerospace Trade Curriculum

Theory of Flight

Public policy

Australian Public Policy: Theory and Practice (Oxford University Press)

Social work

Social Work (Oxford University Press)


Festival and Special Event Management (John Wiley and Sons)

Secondary school titles


Teaching the Arts website (Cambridge University Press)


Biology 1 & 2 (Nelson Australia)

Nature of Biology 2 (John Wiley and Sons)


Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Chemistry 2013 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Unit 4 Chemistry 2012 (Cambridge University Press)

Chemistry in Use 1 & 2 ((McGraw-Hill)

Chemical Connections Book 2 (John Wiley and Sons)

Conquering Chemistry HSC Course (McGraw-Hill)


Information Technology 1 & 2 (Nelson)


Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Economics 2013 (Cambridge University Press)

Commerce Connections (McGraw-Hill)


Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Advanced English 2012 (Cambridge University Press)

Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum Year 7 (Cambridge University Press)

Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum Year 9 (Cambridge University Press)

Food Technology

Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Food and Technology Units 3 & 4 2013 (Cambridge University Press)


Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Physical Education Units 3 & 4 2013

Get Set VELS Level 6 (McGraw-Hill)

Queensland Health and Physical Education Book 2 (McGraw-Hill)


Cambridge Checkpoints VCE History: French Revolution (Cambridge University Press)

History and Social Sciences 7, 8, 9 (Cambridge University Press)


Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Legal Studies (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Legal Studies Units 3 & 4 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Legal Studies for Queensland Book 2 (and Teacher’s Resource CD) (Cambridge University Press)

Introduction to Crime and Criminology (Pearson Education Australia)


Cambridge Checkpoints General Mathematics 2011 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths Methods Units 3 & 4 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths Methods Units 1 & 2, and Units 3 & 4 CAS (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths Gold 9 and 10 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths VELS Year 7 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths VELS Year 8 (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Maths Year 8 Teacher Edition (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge HSC General Mathematics Study Guide (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Essential Specialist Maths Teacher CD (Cambridge University Press)

Essential Maths Year 9 Student Book (Cambridge University Press)

Essential Maths Year 9 Teacher Edition Resources – Worked Solutions (Cambridge University Press)

Essential Maths for the Australian Curriculum 10 + 10A Teacher Edition Resources – Worked Solutions (Cambridge University Press)

General Mathematics Year 12 (Cambridge University Press)

General Mathematics (co-editor) (John Wiley and Sons)

ICE-EM Mathematics Secondary 7B + Teacher Resource Package (Cambridge University Press)

ICE-EM Mathematics Year 5 Book 2 + Teacher Resource Package (Cambridge University Press)

ICE-EM Mathematics Year 8 Book 2 (Cambridge University Press)

Inquisitive Maths for NSW 2B, teacher’s book, student book

Mathematics and Statistics for the New Zealand Curriculum Focus on Level 4 Teacher Resource Package (Cambridge University Press)

Maths and Stats New Zealand Year 11 Teacher CD (Cambridge University Press)

Maths in Practice Workbook 1 (Cambridge University Press)

Maths Zone 10, Level 1 (Harcourt Education)

Maths Zone 10, Level 2 (Harcourt Education)

New Signpost Maths 8 (Pearson Education Australia)

Mathematics for Children (Prentice Hall)

Maths for Today Year 7, 8, 10, Transition ((McGraw-Hill)

Maths for Victoria 10 (Pearson Education Australia)

Maths Methods 1 and 2 (co-editor) (John Wiley and Sons)

Maths Methods CAS 1 & 2 (Cambridge University Press)

Specialist Mathematics (co-editor) (John Wiley and Sons)

Spectrum Maths 8, 9 and 10 (Cambridge University Press)

Spectrum Maths Gold Year 9 and Year 10 (Cambridge University Press)

VCE Specialist Maths Checkpoint (Cambridge University Press)


Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Psychology Unit 4 2010

Nelson Psychology VCE Units 1 & 2 (Nelson)


Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Physics Unit 4 2011

Dynamic Science 8, 9 (Cambridge University Press)

Human Perspectives Books 1 and 2 (McGraw-Hill)

Jacaranda Physics 2 (John Wiley and Sons)

SCI 1, SCI 2, SCI 3, SCI 4 (Longman Science Series)

Science for the New Zealand Curriculum Year 11 Workbook (Cambridge University Press)

Science in Society (John Wiley and Sons)

Systems engineering

Nelson Systems Engineering VCE Units 1–4 (Cengage Nelson)


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