Joy Window’s résumé

I have worked as an editor and proofreader for 32 years. Twelve of those were spent in-house in Sydney at CCH Australia, as a copyeditor of many legal publications, an editorial trainer and a team leader. I was promoted to editorial coordinator of the CCH Laboratory Safety Manual and managing editor of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Journal of Occupational Health and Safety—Australia and New Zealand.

Since leaving CCH I’ve spent 20 years running my own business as a freelance editor and proofreader.

Subjects I edit and proofread

Science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, natural history, zoology, botany, the environment), computers and IT, medicine, law, business, any non-fiction topic

Academic qualifications

I have a science degree and a graduate diploma in publishing and editing.

  • Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing, Macquarie University (1995)
  • BSc (Hons, Zoology), University of Adelaide (1974)
  • Subjects studied: zoology, botany, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • Research project: healing cell damage using drugs
  • Publication: Casley-Smith, J. R. and Window, J. Qualitative morphological correlations of alterations in capillary permeability, following histamine and moderate burning, on the mouse diaphragm, and the effects of benzopyrones. Microvascular Research 1976, 11: 279–305
  • Six TAFE units in Bush Regeneration, Wollongbar, NSW  (2001)

Research volunteer

March 2016 – Tasmania, Australia

Field data collection for scientific research on the impacts of loss of Tasmanian devil populations due to devil facial tumour disease. Facilitated by Curious Traveller,

Freelance experience, July 1996–present

For a full list of titles (categorised into subjects), click on the sidebars on the right. My clients have included:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Elsevier Australia
  • Pearson Education Australia
  • McGraw-Hill Australia
  • Excerpta Medica
  • Heinemann
  • Nelson Australia (Cengage Learning)
  • Southern Cross University
  • New Holland Publishers
  • Allen & Unwin
  • John Wiley and Sons
  • Scholastic Australia
  • Horwitz Martin
  • Open Training and Education Network
  • Practice Innovators Australia
  • Securities Institute Education
  • CCH Australia
  • College of Law
  • New Hobson’s Press
  • Custom Publishing
  • WIRES (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service)
  • McClendon and Associates.


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How to contact me

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